OttawaJKD reopening rules and protocols

While we’re eager to gather and continue our training, we want to be mindful of social distancing guidelines, which is why we wanted to take this opportunity to remind everyone exactly what they can expect at Ottawa Jeet Kune Do when they do reopen on July 17, 2021. The wearing of masks is absolutely mandatory […]

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Ottawa Jeet Kune Do reopening July 17

Ottawa Jeet Kune Do reopening July 24

It’s finally time! Ottawa Jeet Kune Do is officially reopening. When? Saturday, July 17. Below is the current plan for July classes. The schedule will likely change at the beginning of August. Please note that because we have to limit adult classes to 9 students and kid classes to 12 students, for the month of […]

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History of Sifu Darryl D’Amico

History of Sifu Darryl D'Amico

Sifu Darryl’s history in martial arts is one of perseverance and dedication, exemplifying the very best qualities of leadership, patience, and passion. Most of you know Sifu, but do you know his long-term relationship with martial arts and how he became the seasoned teacher he is today? 1992: Sifu Darryl joins an Orleans-based Wing Chun […]

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