June 18, 2021

History of Sifu Darryl D’Amico

History of Sifu Darryl D'Amico

Sifu Darryl’s history in martial arts is one of perseverance and dedication, exemplifying the very best qualities of leadership, patience, and passion. Most of you know Sifu, but do you know his long-term relationship with martial arts and how he became the seasoned teacher he is today?

1992: Sifu Darryl joins an Orleans-based Wing Chun school and quickly falls into stride with the discipline

2004: Sifu Darryl earns his black sash in the art of Modern Wing Chun (Fang Shen Do)

2005: Sifu Darryl travels to Los Angeles to train with original Bruce Lee student, Sifu Jerry Poteet, and is certified as a Level 1 Instructor in the art of JPJKD

2005: Later that year, Sifu Darryl begins training students privately out of his home and Ottawa Jeet Kune Do is born

2007: Sifu Darryl was certified as an Associate Instructor in JPJKD

2009: Sifu Jerry traveled to Ottawa for an instructor course and student seminar hosted at Ottawa Jeet Kune Do. At the end, Sifu Darryl was certified as a Full Instructor in JPJKD (the first Canadian to reach this achievement)

2009-2012: Until Sifu Jerry’s passing in January 2012, Sifu Darryl continued to train privately with him in Los Angeles

2011: Sifu Jerry held what turned out to be his last seminar in Canada in October

2013: Sifu Darryl established Ottawa Jeet Kune Do International Instructor Team – a group of dedicated students actively pursuing their instructorship in Jeet Kune Do

Today: Sifu Darryl has certified roughly 25 instructors across Canada, including 3 Full Instructors, and continues to teach the art of Jeet Kune Do

Featured photo :Sifu Jerry Poteet (L) and Sifu Darryl D’Amico together in 2011 at the Ottawa Jeet Kune Do student seminar in Ottawa, ON